We didn´t know just how soon Colin´s next storm would come…  Those of you who read photographer Colin Monteath´s bio, posted Friday, might have noticed that Colin is based in Christchurch, New Zealand.  On Saturday, Christchurch suffered a major earthquake (magnitude 7.1), sustaining serious damage to buildings and infrastructure, but fortunately, no casualties.

We were relieved to know that Colin and his house made it through without any serious damage.  He wrote: It’s been a hell of a day…but overall, considering what many are going through right now, we got off very lightly. We have bottled water plus extra food for my photo road trips and have dug toilet in garden…just had extended family here for venison stew…so all well. After checking neighbours, delivering cups of tea in the dark etc it was a sobering day taking pictures downtown…very sad to see steeples of very old Churches down through slate roofs etc. Still smiling….Colin

Like we said, an individual who knows how to weather a storm… with camera in hand.