Light Painting is an in-camera effect that can produce amazing results, and the best part is that you spend less time in front of the computer touching up images, and more time playing and experimenting on the field.

A nightscape scene at Linnet Lake area in Waterton Lakes National Park, looking east over Upper Waterton Lake and toward Vimy Peak, with autumn stars ...

It is an artistic form of enhancing a photograph, using a slow shutter speed and moving light sources to create shapes and forms or add emphasis and colour to areas or objects in a scene.

agefotostock photographers Keith Kapple and Javier Marina prove no strangers to this technique with their display of creative and unique photographs that illustrates these 2 basic types of light painting.

Keith demonstrates his skillful control of light to create illumination paintings using different light sources, natural or otherwise added, to highlight or colour areas of his photographs.

Abandoned Taiban Presbyterian Church in New Mexico at night with star trails.
Interior view of a Steam Locomotive, Texas State Railroad, 1881, Rusk Texas
Evening warm light at Mossbrae Falls, Shasta National Forest, California, USA

Streak or graffiti light painting lets you draw images or words onto the photograph by means of an exposed light source.

Javier uses light on his scenes like a paint brush, reminding us of the intrinsic link between photography and art.

Rooms painted with light, Valencia, Spain.