Pictures & images of hot air balloons over the fairy chimney rock formations and rock pillars of “Pasaba Valley” near Goreme, Cappadocia, Nevsehir, Turkey.

Ancient ruins beneath a breathtaking sunrise, golden rays illuminating the ancient hermitages or monoliths that resist the passage of time… Paul Williams clearly has a special skill for photographing the past.

Be it fantastic beasts in medieval frescoes, classic statues or Neolithic terracotta objects, Williams’ collection presents numerous wonders of art history: the Mycenaean Mask of Agamemnon, the ruins of Knossos on Crete or the Parthenon Marbles are just a few examples.

Paul Williams is inspired by the masters of visual arts – photographers like Paul Strand, Diane Arbus or Salgado, painters like Picasso or Matisse, and great film directors like Fellini or Coppola. A true artistic inspiration, observable in his careful framings and his splendid vision of color.

6th century Byzantine Roman mosaics of a mythical Griffin from the peristyle of the Great Palace from the reign of Emperor Justinian I. Istanbul, Turkey.