Bottles of essential oil with rosemary, thyme, creeping thyme, echinacea, wintergreen, lavender, myrrh and frankincense on a white background

Photographer Madeleine Steinbach feels an authentic passion for aromatic herbs, wild plants, botany and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Madeleine grows her own herbs and vegetables in her garden, giving rise to amazingly colorful and harmonious photos. The main players of her photos are her flowers, essential oils, fresh juices and beautifully presented ingredients and dishes.

A cup of herbal tea with fresh linden flowers and lemon

Steinbach, constantly progressing, takes her inspirations from contemplating a lot of photography, as well as learning from other professionals such as Joanie Simon, a gastronomy photographer who shares her techniques on her Youtube channel.

As Madeleine says, having more knowledge makes you aware of how much remains to be learned.