Are you ready to start sending your photos, video and vectors today? You can conveniently submit by FTP.

If you haven´t already done so, please read the complete guidelines in our SUBMISSIONS MANUAL carefully.

To request for your FTP access, please send an email to photodepartment@agefotostock.com specifying the contract(s) you are interested in signing with us and she will send you your login credentials.

Please remember that your submission will not be reviewed by our editors until we have received a signed copy of the contracts which are applicable for your images, videos and vectors.


You must be the copyright holder of any material that you send us. By sending images, video clips or vectors, you are certifying that they are available for us to license.

Within the submission you must indicate which licensing type you have chosen for images, video or vectors (RM, RF, or LBRF) in a text message entitled message.txt or MESSAGE.TXT. If you would like us to automatically review images, video or vectors for inclusion in RM, RF, and LBRF, please indicate so in the text message.


Before sending images, videos or vectors, please carefully read the complete guidelines:

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact