05. Edition And Processing


  • The content will be edited in the next 10-15 days approximately, although it may vary depending on the number of submissions to edit.
  • The link sent in the recipient email can be checked if all the content was processed correctly.
  • If you have a model or property release, it is interesting to send it along with the content.
  • Once the submission has been edited, an email will be sent with the number of images, videos, or vectors selected.


  • We will review descriptions and keywords to check if they comply with our metadata requirements (find more info on the website, photographers section). We may ask photographers to make metadata corrections if necessary.
  • Vectors, videos can be documented in the photographer area after the submission has been selected.

Model and property releases

  • Sending the releases along with the content streamlines the process.
  • The documents must be sent to the same folder in which the content was sent.
  • Documents must be in JPG format showing an "_MR" at the end of the name, and before the extension. 

Upload to the web

  • Images with metadata or releases issues will be put on hold until the photographers have made all necessary corrections. They could be eliminated if the information is not provided in the term given to the photographer to solve it.
  • Once the submission is completed, it will be uploaded to the web.
  • The photographer can follow the process from his area, section "my submissions."

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact