06. Fast Track

How to follow our Fast Track?

Our uploading to the website process is efficient; however, we have a Fast Track system for those well-prepared submissions that don't generate extra work in their processing.

What does the editor expect?

  • Images have relevant descriptions that allow knowing the content well.
  • Images have excellent post-production with well-exposed pictures and attractive colors.
  • Submissions without excessive duplication
  • Images grouped by subject matter because it speeds up the edition.

Metadata Fast Track

  • Sending the releases along with the content streamlines the process.
  • The documents must be sent to the same folder in which the content was sent.
  • Documents must be in JPG format showing an "_MR" at the end of the name, and before the extension. 

Releases Fast Track

  • It is better to send the images with people separated from the photos without any person (landscapes, nature, concepts, etc.); this facilitates the release department's processing.
  • Sending the releases along with the content, allows us to process the submission quickly.
  • In case we request the releases to the photographer, it is convenient to answer this matter as soon as possible to quickly process the content.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact