04. FTP Connection

Preparing the connection

  • Assuming that the photographer has received the credentials to connect to FTP (this information is always available in the "Photographer area," section "my profile").
  • Our FTP server is
  • To connect, you must use an FTP client software. We like Filezilla (
  • Leaving the port empty will force the connection by the default port (21).
  • You can also connect using port 22 that is less vulnerable to connection problems. If port 22 is indicated, the Filezilla program will automatically change the server's value to "sftp:/" The photographer should not introduce this value because you must always show server/host:

Choose the destination folder in the
FTP easyFotostock IMAGES.

  1. easyFotostock IMAGES
  2. easyFotostock VIDEO
  3. easyFotostock VECTORS as *.Eps files
  4. Model/property RELEASES

What we should not do

  • It is not efficient to connect to FTP with the Internet browser.
  • Enter incorrect credentials repeatedly will cause an account lock.
  • The photographer cannot indicate a server different than
  • The content can't be uploaded outside of a specific folder because it won't be processed.
  • It is better not to send too many images in the same submission. To process the content quickly, no more than 2000 items per submission is a reasonable figure. You can, indeed, send many thousands at the time if you wish.

To keep in mind

  • If we have connection problems, we must report the case by email, explaining the type of issue, capturing the screen error, and your public IP.
  • The FTP robot processes the content very regularly.
  • Once the process is finished, a reception email is sent to you. It is essential to check the information on the mail sent to check the details of the uploading process in case the system could have rejected any images.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact