03. Preparing The Submission

Coding the images, videos, vectors, and folders

  • The names of the files must have a maximum of 35 characters, plus the file extension.
  • Blanks, accents, apostrophes, or the letter "ñ" or other specific characters and letters should be avoided in the name of files and folders.
  • It is possible to send a text file, named "message.txt" (only that name will be accepted), if the photographer wants to give us additional information regarding the submission.


  • All images must have a description in English.
  • Every image must have at least ten (10) English keywords, separated by commas, or the system will reject the picture.
  • Images without a caption will be rejected.
  • Videos and vectors can be documented in the photographer's area, once selected.

Model and property releases (MR/PR)

  • Model and Property releases have to be sent along with the content. Otherwise, the images will take longer to be uploaded to the web.
  • Model Releases must be named with an "_MR" at the end of the name, before the extension, likewise for Property Releases.
  • The format for the Model Releases should be .JPG.
  • The document must have a visual reference.
  • The ideal size is A4, 72 dpi.
  • The document must be legible.

Latest checks

  • Once the folder with your images is correctly named, and the content is ready,
  • check that the photos contain the IPTC (metadata) information,
  • the releases are included and have been named as indicated,
  • then, the content is ready to be sent to us by FTP to be processed.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact