02. Technical Specs

Image specs

  • JPG Format compressed. 
  • Minimum size 26 MB (DIN A4), but preferable 50 Megabytes (DIN A3). Maximum size of 150 MB.
  • No matter the JPG file size, the required size refers to the picture once it is opened (uncompressed).
  • RGB color mode (8 bits). Color space Adobe 1998 or sRGB.
  • It is compressed in maximum quality.
  • Images must have a correct exposure, good contrast, and color, color, color, etc.

Video specs

  • Format .mov or .mp4.
  • Resolutions accepted: Full 4K, Ultra HD, 2K, Full HD, HD, SD.
  • All the videos of the same submission must have the exact resolution.
  • Codec: H.264.
  • Videos must have a duration between 5 and 90 seconds.
  • Videos should not have very low bitrate (over-compression).

Vector specs

  • Format .eps.
  • The maximum size accepted 100 MB.
  • RGB or CMYK color mode.
  • * .eps files, sent in JPG format, will be reported as an error.

If you have any doubts, or need further information, please contact