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Miami, FL
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Commercial and Fine-Art photographer.
Miami based, background comes from European roots blended with a south-american/caribbean flavor and the American square structure. Quite an achivement!
Had traveled a lot.
Owner of a fine-art printing workshop.
Digital Photography Instructor on groups, on a personal basis and on-line.
English, Spanish and Italian fluently spoken.

about me

¿Qué influencias artísticas hay en tu trabajo?
My very beginnings in photography are in the fine-art arena. Started exhibiting and publishing my work since the early 80's.
¿Cuál ha sido el mejor consejo fotográfico que has recibido?
I got 2.<br />Don't think on the final image. Enjoy the making and the final image will come along.<br />Don't talk too much. Send your images up front: they'll speak for you.
¿Si no fueses fotógrafo, que te gustaría ser?

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